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Review: DRL Elite Racing Drone Set - Toy Deals and Reviews

Drones are becoming more and more popular so it was no wonder that drone racing is going to appear at one point. This little Racing drone is a great starting point to learning to fly and race. The drone is protected by a circular shield which will protect it from most bumps. There are various obstacles that can be set up to make a small course. The kit also comes with a remote control that can be used with the DRL simulator by connecting it to a pc.

The drone is fairly easy to fly. The protector of it is sturdy and can take most bumps. The only issue that we had were the props, but they can be easily replaced. The one touch stunts are pretty cool, although it would be nicer if the controls allowed to do the stunts manually. The flight time is fairly short and we do not recommend flying for over 5 minutes from a full battery charge.

The downsides of this drone are that there is no fpv kit included, there are also no additional props included for the drone.

On the plus side, you can use the remote control in combination with the DRL simulator which means you can learn to fly the real racing drones around the circuits in the world.

Overall this is a great starting kit for flying a drone or racing. It comes with everything included to get you started, even the batteries for the remote control already included.

This is then a great present for an enthusiastic child for any occasion.

We rate this drone 4.5/5. Buy it here.

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