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Hot Deal: Mini Cooper Cabriolet by Cubika

This excellent Mini car is a perfect construction kit for a small kid. The magnetic parts are designed to stick together well and ensure that this Mini Cooper car can be built. Designed from high quality wood and eco-safe paint, this is a true masterpiece from Cubika. This toy is perfect as a gift for a child of over 3 years old.

The Mini Cabriolet wooden construction kit consists of more than a dozen wooden blocks that are made of high quality wood. Since the kit is made of only natural products it is eco-friendly and is 100% safe for the kids to use. The wooden blocks come in a variety of colours and the blocks are of different shapes and sizes. The kids can hold the blocks by hand and can easily assemble them. Glue or tools are not required for assembling the wooden blocks. Assembling of the blocks to create the Mini Cabriolet is an easy and highly exciting game. The different colours of the blocks make the kit very impressive and the kids who play with this kit learn to distinguish different colours. They also develop the skill for colour matching. Besides learning about colours the kids who play with these wooden blocks become familiar with different geometrical shapes like triangle, square and rectangle. The Cubika Mini Cooper Cabriolet wooden construction kit creates interest in engineering in the minds of the kids.

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