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  • LEGO Friends Heartlake Grand Hotel
    Now £68.99, Save 10%!
    Build this gigantic hotel with all its amazing features and accessories to create your own vacation stories. The three-story hotel features a lobby, reception area, cafe, jazz bar, master bedroom, single bedroom, rooftop pool area, and much more. Read More
  • Animal Alley 48" Jumbo Brown Bear
    Now Half Price: £29.99
    This incredible Animal Alley 48" Jumbo Brown Bear is so adorable you cannot resist to hug him! This huge toy is very popular with the kids and makes for a great present for any kid. Read More
  • Little Tikes Tumble Train
    Now £16.66, Save 33%!
    Press the button on the train to get it running around the track. The track will tumble and roll around everywhere, encouraging kids to chase after it! Read More
  • Zoomer - Boomer the Dino Robot
    Only £49.99! A saving of £50
    Boomer's the interactive Robot dinosaur who just loves to play! This dino is very sensitive and will react to being stroked and touched. Read More
  • Mini Cooper Cabriolet by Cubika
    Now £19.99, Save £5
    This excellent Mini car is a perfect construction kit for a small kid. The magnetic parts are designed to stick together well and ensure that this Mini Cooper car can be built. Read More

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